To equip individuals, families, churches, and nations with a burning heart for God and His Kingdom.


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The Fire House Gathering




Morristown every 2nd Friday @6:45pm.





The Fire House is the equipping and training center of Remnant Fire Ministries.

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The Fire House is a revival hub. What is a Revival Hub?  

From the book Revival Hubs by Ryan LeStrange and Jennifer LeClaire


8 characteristics of revival hubs:


1. Marked by hunger. It is the hungry that will press in and invite an outpouring in a region.

2. Digging wells that will not only bless the hub but also the region and beyond!

3. Will face opposition as the well gets deeper and the transforming presence of God grows in the hub.

4. Presence driven. The revival hubs and those who lead them place great emphasis and value upon the presence of God.

5. Prayer fueled. Prayer is key to birth and sustain revival.

6. Release the sounds of heaven. Revival HUBS are impacted by revival worship. God is birthing new sounds for a new move. There is no room for performance driven worship in these hubs. The worship that is coming forth draws people deeper into encounter. 

7. Known for miracles & power. Revival hubs are places of supernatural power where bodies are healed, live changed and miracles released.

8. Places of fathering and equipping. The emerging move is an apostolic and prophetic driven revival. The hubs that God is raising up birth and establish spiritual sons & daughters. As the move of God continues, training is key to raise up a generation that releases the Kingdom.

Fire House originally was birthed in Knoxville Tn back in 2007. It was simply a gathering place for teaching, discipleship, and prayer. We continued Fire House after moving to Cleveland in 2008. While here in Cleveland it became a place of refreshing for those leading in a local ministry. One night in prayer at the T.L. Lowery Ministry Center I saw a map of the USA unfold and the state of TN was highlighted. I saw small little fires in various places across the state. They were few at first and then they began to multiply throughout the state. I asked the Lord what these were and I heard in my spirit, “These are my Fire Houses”. I new that these would be places that would maintain the flame of HIS presence along with devotion and discipleship. As seasons changed and new assignments came we maintained the Fire House at a “slow burn” careful to not let the fire go out. At the beginning of 2016 I felt the Lord say to me ,”I’m breathing a fresh wind on the coals of Fire House.” Over the next few months we were able to transition into a larger home that has become the ministry base of Remnant Fire Ministries and Shining Light Productions.


After transitioning to that house I knew the wind had arrived for The Fire House to relaunch. Upon the relaunch we quickly outgrew the house and rented a conference room at the Mtn View Inn in Cleveland TN.  Once the fire was sustained at the Cleveland location we knew it was time to spread the fire. We are now starting a fire in here in the Morristown TN/ Smoky Mtn region. Our heart is to raise up houses of fire (presence, prayer, and purpose) throughout the appalachia's  as the Lord directs. The Fire House is a place where sons and daughters are raised up and sent out, where the saints are equipped, and function as the Ekklesia to bring transformation to the regions. 


Jason Armstrong

Jason Armstrong is the founder of Remnant Fire Ministries  and The Fire House equipping and training center based in Morristown, Tn.

Jason also travels as a prophetic teacher releasing kingdom strategies and prophetic insights to ignite individuals, families, churches, and nations with a burning heart for God and His Kingdom.  Jason currently hosts  a weekly TV show on the CTN network called Remnant Voice. Remnant Voice airs every Thursday @7:30pm and Saturday's @11pm.

Jason currently resides in Morristown, TN with his wife Misty and four children Josiah, Hannah, Jericho and Jadon.

Misty Armstrong

Misty Armstrong is wife to Jason and mother to four children Josiah, Hannah, Jericho and Jadon. She is co-founder of The Fire House and she is the founder of Shining Light Productions.  Shining Light Productions  (SLP) is a nonprofit charity organization that hosts fundraisers and community events raise money for various needs. SLP's mission is,"Making a way where there is no way for those in need."